Answers VBS 2021: Track Down the One True God with Mystery Island

by Ken Ham on October 13, 2020
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We’re excited to announce that our 2021 Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) is now available for preorder—Mystery Island: Tracking Down the One True God. We released this VBS as our 2020 VBS and many churches planned on using it, but the Lord had other plans (Proverbs 16:9). Since so many churches were unable to host VBS (or did a virtual program, like our free VBS, IncrediWorld) because of COVID restrictions, we’ve stocked back up and are re-releasing this exciting VBS program for summer 2021. And it’s now available to order (and on sale!).

In our very secular Western culture, there’s a sea of confusion about who God is, what he’s like, and what he’s done.

In our very secular Western culture, there’s a sea of confusion about who God is, what he’s like, and what he’s done. So many children are caught up in this confusion (even within our own churches—a recent survey found 30% of evangelicals say Jesus was good, but not God!), so help them track down the one true God and learn how amazing he is through the pages of Scripture with Mystery Island. Packed with apologetics, deep biblical truths, dramas, science experiments, great songs, and a powerful gospel message, this unique VBS will excite the hearts and minds of the children in your church and community.

In this time of chaos and confusion, kids need to know who God is—that he is great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel (he is with us!), and trustworthy—and how these great truths apply to their lives. Mystery Island VBS is a wonderful way of introducing children to the one true God or taking them deeper in their knowledge and love of him.

So get ready for summer 2021—find everything you need, including curricula, T-shirts, and all the fun extras at Enjoy a 25% discount on your VBS order with code VBS20B. And athletic shirts are only $6.99 each, any quantity, with code VBSMIAS (offers expire January 11, 2021; excludes bulk discounts).

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