Mark Your Calendars—Deaf Days Are Almost Here!

by Ken Ham on September 23, 2020
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In just a few weeks, we are welcoming Deaf guests from across America to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for Deaf Days, October 10–11, 2020, here in N. Kentucky. This event features ASL interpreters, special presentations in ASL, and a Deaf-led worship service.

This event features ASL interpreters, special presentations in ASL, and a Deaf-led worship service.

Deaf Days takes place at the Ark Encounter on Saturday, October 10, and the Creation Museum Sunday, October 11. At the Ark Encounter, AiG’s Avery Foley will be speaking on a very timely topic, “Gay ‘Marriage’ and God’s Word.” Her presentation will be translated into ASL. Later in the Ark’s Answers Center, Calvin Farley, of Deaf Genesis Apologetics, will be presenting on “Signed Languages—A Problem for Evolution.” I will also be giving my family program, “Dinosaurs and More,” with Buddy Davis. Kids and adults alike love this special program! It will be translated into ASL.

The following day, Sunday, October 11, at the Creation Museum, you can enjoy a special Deaf-led worship service before touring the museum, including seeing our brand-new “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” exhibit that opens this Friday, September 25. I believe it will be the most powerful pro-life exhibit anywhere in the world! It’s a must-see experience!

Don’t miss Deaf Days—plan your visit today at and If you are unable to attend in person (as, sadly, many people from outside the United States cannot come this year due to travel restrictions), watch the presentations from Avery Foley and Calvin Farley on, where we will be livestreaming them.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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