“It’s Worth Every Penny!”

by Ken Ham on July 26, 2020
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Every day we hear from individuals and families who have toured the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum in N. Kentucky, visited our websites, heard from one of our dynamic speakers, found us on social media, heard my daily radio program, or somehow connected with the Answers in Genesis ministry and biblical messages. We are so grateful to hear these stories and are encouraged by how God is using this ministry to change hearts and lives for eternity.

I thought I would share with you two testimonies we received from recent guests to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. They encouraged me and others at AiG, and I thought they would encourage you as well. This first one was a review left for the Ark Encounter on social media:

So many people told us how amazing this place was, and it still exceeded our expectations!

All I can say is WOW! So many people told us how amazing this place was, and it still exceeded our expectations! My wife and I are ministers from Minnesota who are enjoying our first-ever sabbatical. We chose to take it in Kentucky specifically to go to the Ark Encounter and next the Creation Museum.

We had the privilege of listening to Ken Ham teach two sessions (one with Buddy Davis) live, and it was such great information! They answer questions that everyone asks at some point in their life. Giving scientific and historic proof of creation! And they present it very intelligently, humbly, and with some humor. I couldn’t say AMEN enough times! I only wish I could’ve had the chance to thank Ken and his family in person for all the sacrifices they must have made, and spiritual warfare they must have experienced, to get these attractions to where they are.

It’s worth every penny!! Thank you, Ken, Buddy, and everyone else who have given everything to strengthen and equip the faith of so many people. God bless you abundantly in all you do!

Check out the calendar of events for the Ark Encounter’s Answers Center to see when Buddy and I will give this family program for kids of all ages.

This second testimonial was an email to us:

The “Fantastic Five” (my wife, children, and myself) made the trip from Arizona to the ARK ENCOUNTER! We were not disappointed at all . . . we were truly impressed. Just want to say I really appreciate the mission/objective of the entire park. I also truly admire the commitment to Fair Trade in the gift shop.

Thank you for providing an excellent experience for our family and other guests. Please let the entire staff (from the parking team, to guest services, to the sanitation crew, to the gift shop) know their relentless effort to smile and show hospitality leaves a tremendous impression on guests. Literally every staff member we interacted with was professional, friendly, and enjoyable to encounter. They made working hard look easy (even fun).

We ate at Emzara's Kitchen and were blown away by the friendly hospitality and service from the staff. From the outdoor host, to the register, to the food lines (including the kids line), to the dining room hosts . . . it was truly a great experience of wonderful customer service. Not to mention, the food was good too!

I wish I had the ability to thank the staff in person, but I hope they know they're not just working a simple job . . . but they're changing people's lives forever by pouring their heart into the service they provide that allows the excellent message of the park to be received. Thank you! C.A.

All of the staff so appreciate the encouragement from comments, emails, and posts like these.

All of the staff so appreciate the encouragement from comments, emails, and posts like these. As God enables and sustains us, we continue to serve him in what he has called us to do: preach the gospel and defend the authority of the Bible from the very first verse. We love to hear from those whom God has impacted through this ministry. This is his ministry, and we give him the glory for the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and Answers in Genesis ministries.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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