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by Ken Ham on June 14, 2020
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“Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them” (Psalm 111:2). As believers, we should promote the study of God’s creation, delighting in his great works. Sadly, the study of creation is often done from a secular, naturalistic perspective, not a biblical perspective that gives God the glory for what he has made. That shouldn’t be the case! That’s why I’m excited about two new science shows we started a few months ago—Unlocking Science and Unlocking Science Hands On!

Unlocking Science introduces science concepts and Unlocking Science Hands On! gives instruction on how to do experiments at home with common household items.

Both of these shows are hosted by Roger Patterson (or “Mr. P”), a former high school science teacher. Mr. P and special guests teach basic scientific concepts in a fun way, using experiments and even occasionally blowing things up! Unlocking Science introduces science concepts, and Unlocking Science Hands On! gives instruction on how to do experiments at home with common household items.

Children and adults alike are enjoying these shows and Mr. P’s easy-to-understand way of conveying information and concepts. I love seeing children and their parents learning science from a biblical worldview perspective. I can anticipate that many homeschool parents will use these videos to supplement their children’s textbook learning.

These videos premiere on Facebook and YouTube, but for the best experience (high quality, no interruptions, no ads, etc.), I encourage you to try a seven-day free trial of our new streaming platform, It’s very inexpensive: just over $3 a month when you pay for a year ($39.99) or only $4.99 a month if you pay month by month. is available for anyone anywhere in the world.

Of course, with, you don’t just enjoy unlimited access to Unlocking Science and Unlocking Science Hands On! You also have access to all of our Answers in Genesis video content—hundreds and hundreds of videos—including nature programming, teaching videos, music, Living Waters’ content, and more.

I encourage you to subscribe today at

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