Best Apologetics Resources for Teens

by Ken Ham on May 19, 2020
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As the lockdowns and social-distancing requirements continue to drag on during COVID-19, many families are looking for new things to do and are learning to make the most of this time (or to just distract themselves from boredom!).

Well, we have resources your teens will love that will equip them to think biblically, refute evolutionary ideas, and better understand science, social issues, and more through the lens of God’s Word.

What do I recommend for teens? Here are my top four suggestions for them (but there are hundreds more resources at

  • Replacing Darwin and Replacing Darwin Made Simple. Discover a serious challenge to the evolutionary story with the newest research from genetics conducted by Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson. Replacing Darwin Made Simple gives a great layman’s overview, and Replacing Darwin gets into the exciting technical details. Replacing Darwin Made Simple is a resource to help any teen understand the true origin of species. The combo pack with both books is great for teens who love science and the technical details.
  • Quick Answers to Social Issues by Bryan Osborne. Get equipped with clear, concise biblical answers to the most pressing questions of our day on issues such as gender and sexuality, environmentalism, abortion and other life issues, and equality. This book does more than just give answers—it teaches you how to think so you can apply biblical thinking to any issue, not just those covered in the book. This book is a must-read for teens!
  • Evolution Exposed: Biology and Evolution Exposed: Geology. AiG staff member Roger Patterson has become quite popular with his brand-new show, “Unlocking Science.” Kids, teens, and adults alike are loving his hands-on science teaching (including blowing stuff up!) on a wide variety of topics. But did you know Roger has also written two books? As a former public school science teacher, Roger went through the most popular science textbooks many public schools have used, marking where they mentioned evolution, millions of years, or naturalism/naturalistic assumptions, and refuting these evolutionary arguments. These books are a great way to equip and prepare students before they go into the classroom and encounter these evolutionary ideas.
  • All of our Answers in Genesis video content—including Roger’s science shows—are available on our brand-new streaming platform, For just $4.99 a month (or $39.99 a year—just over $3 a month), you’ll receive access to all our video content (that’s over 1,400 items . . . and increasing daily), including science and nature programs, in-depth apologetics teaching from a variety of experts, exclusive content, and more. This is a great way to equip teens to think biblically on science and culture issues.

Find these resources, and many more, at And enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50 now through to the reopening of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (continental US addresses only).

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