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by Ken Ham on May 13, 2020
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In November, we opened a series of brand-new compelling exhibits at the Creation Museum. These exhibits and videos highlight the true nature of the battle (man’s word versus God’s Word), why we can trust the Bible, and the foundational nature of Genesis. This new upgrade updated about one-third of the museum and has taken the museum to a whole new level of excellence. And that meant we needed to update our Journey through the Creation Museum book that allows you to take a piece of the museum home with you. And this new updated version is now available for order.

This hardcover book features beautiful photographs of many of the exhibits, the botanical gardens, and some of the animals in our Eden Animal Experience. It also features portions of the information included on the exhibit signs. It’s a great way to enjoy the museum from home and share just some of the experience with others—or to help you plan your visit to the museum.

This coffee-table–style book is a great way to start conversations about the truth of God’s Word and the Creation Museum simply by leaving it in view when guests visit. You can find it on our website at We also have a book in the same style on the museum’s sister attraction, the Ark Encounter.

Get both coffee-table books—they are sure to create lots of interesting discussions and will help promote these two leading Christian themed attractions.

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