Fun Resources to Encourage Your Kids

by Ken Ham on April 29, 2020
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Are you looking for something fun for your child during these challenging times when we’re homebound? Well, Answers in Genesis has a host of resources that not only are fun but also teach biblical truth. Here are a few ideas you could surprise your kids with to encourage them during this time.

  • Kids Fun Pack: This pack includes a dinosaur poster, the books I Really, Really, Really Like Fossils and Noah and the Great Flood, Oscar Nava’s coloring book for kids, a pack of Animal Pals bookmarks and posters from our Answers VBS Time Lab, and sticker sheets featuring created kinds.
  • Kids Answers magazines: Our magazine, Answers, features a mini-magazine for kids. We’ve put together several packs of these eight-page magazines for your kids to enjoy.
  • My Giant Created Kinds Fun Pack: This pack, featuring created “kinds,” includes a coloring book, sticker sheets, and mix-and-match card game.
  • My Giant Dinosaurs Fun Pack: This pack, featuring dinosaurs, includes a coloring book, sticker sheets, and mix-and-match card game.
  • Curriculum: Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum or Pilgrims Progress All-in-One Curriculum makes for a wonderful homeschool, at-home Sunday school, or a summer program with your kids.
  • How Can I Become a Child of God? booklet: These booklets are great for outreach and evangelism, sharing with children about God’s plan of salvation from creation to the new heavens and new earth promised in Revelation.

You can find these deals, and other resources, on our online bookstore, And while the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum are closed to the public, all orders over $50 receive free shipping! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to equip your family!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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