Special Weekend Live Programs with Ken Ham: Two for Kids & Two Startling Research Updates

by Ken Ham on March 20, 2020
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I will be doing four special Facebook Live programs this weekend―two of them, especially for kids. These can be seen on my public Facebook page.

For Kids

  • Saturday, March 21—3 p.m. (ET): I’m visiting a local bakery that supplies goods for the restaurant at the Ark, and two kids will teach me how to make bread in a bag. This will be my first lesson on becoming a junior baker!
  • Sunday, March 22—3 p.m. (ET): I will again visit the bakery for my second lesson to become a junior baker. Two children will teach me how to make pizza dough in a bag!

Startling New Research Results From Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

It confirms biblical history!

This weekend, I will also be joining Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson for two programs to discuss his latest startling research and results: “A New History of the Human Race: The resettling of the Americas before Columbus, and other surprises from DNA.” And it confirms biblical history!

  • Part 1: Saturday, March 21—7 p.m. (ET)
  • Part 2: Sunday, March 22—7 p.m. (ET)

A Summary of Dr. Jeanson’s Research

History defines us—and our people. What happens to us when this history we’ve been taught is wrong? Here’s what Dr. Jeanson has found:

For years, we’ve defined human history by politics, language, and culture—not by people groups. Implicitly, we’ve made these phenomena equivalent to parentage. But are they? Governments can be overthrown. Languages and culture can be exchanged. Without hard facts on our genealogical ancestry, how can we make sense of who we came from and who we are?

For example, what does it mean to be of German descent? Is there even such a thing as a German? A European? Do Egyptians exist? Chinese? Quechuans? Yorubans? Who were the ancient Persians? Who were the first Americans? Who did they come from? What happened to them?

For centuries, the answers to these questions have eluded us. However, within the last few years, a handful of little-known DNA discoveries have turned the human story on its head. Quietly and without fanfare, these explosive findings have begun to rewrite human history—and have taken our most cherished identities along with it.

According to Dr. Jeanson,

  • “Black-white” people exist. Caucasian people of European descent exist who have had African ancestors for thousands of years, beginning in the Middle Ages.
  • Much of Europe’s “white” populace is not indigenous European but of recent Asian ancestry.
  • The nations of Europe are not identifiable genetically. When looking backward in time from the present, European national identity disappears in a few generations. Even regional identity is not present. Europe becomes one indistinguishable ethnic mess by around AD 1400.
  • Before Columbus, the Americas were settled at least twice. The most recent invasion wiped out nearly everyone who lived here prior.
  • The earliest humans were not primitive. They give the appearance of being primitive because they represent the survivors of several ancient catastrophes.

Yes, some fascinating information! Please watch this weekend on Facebook and find out how science once again confirms the history recorded in the Bible.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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