The Bible and Sexuality—Practical Answers for Today’s World

by Ken Ham on February 9, 2020
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Transgender, gay “marriage,” bisexual, nonbinary . . . these are just a few of the words we see in the news every day. And it’s likely for many of my readers these aren’t just words—some names immediately come to mind when you hear one or more of those words. We live in a world desperately searching for meaning, purpose, and identity. And they’re almost always looking in all the wrong places.

How can we help those who are hurting? These are real people, with eternal souls!

The sexual, homosexual, and gender revolutionaries have convinced generations that true freedom is found in embracing the identity they want and living exactly as they want to live, with no restrictions. It’s all about you and your immediate happiness, after all, they say! Sadly, many Christians are getting carried away with this kind of thinking. Often, in an attempt to be loving, they’ve tried to redefine sin, ignoring God’s design for our bodies and our sexuality, yet embracing sin or refusing to call it out in others. The truth is ultimately about what God’s Word states, not our feelings or opinions.

How can we help those who are hurting? These are real people, with eternal souls! They need to hear and believe the gospel, repent, and put their faith and trust in Christ. Get equipped to stand firmly on biblical truth, equipped with answers for a hurting world this fall (October 6–8, 2020).

Each year we host an Answers for Pastors conference, and this year’s theme is “The Bible and Sexuality.” The Benham Brothers will be joining us this year as well as other powerful speakers. It’s a very hot topic, and we hope to see many pastors come to this conference at the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati. But it’s not just for pastors—it’s for everyone. We want people from all walks of life—including young people—to come and get equipped. This is an issue impacting everyone, so we’d love to see a wide variety of people attend this special conference—and also tour the popular life-size Ark next door.

Register today on the events page of our website. I hope to see you there!

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