Don’t Miss Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle in Theaters, February 18

by Ken Ham on February 2, 2020
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An excellent new film is coming to theaters across the United States, one night only, February 18, 2020. And I encourage you not to miss it!

Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, part one, begins the search to answer the question, “did Moses really lead the children of Israel across the Red Sea?” Liberal scholars say it didn’t happen, or, if it did, it wasn’t miraculous (maybe a few thousand people just crossed a swamp, they might say!). But that’s not what God’s Word teaches!

Join filmmaker Tim Mahoney as he travels the globe, speaking to experts and visiting historical sites for himself, as he seeks the answer to this question. It’s a fascinating documentary that will give you answers to the skeptical questions of our day about biblical history.

Immediately after the film, Mahoney will put on a post-movie panel discussion, featuring Kay Arthur, Dr. Jeremy Lyon, Janet Mefferd, and me. The discussion will be moderated by Todd Starnes, a well-known radio host and commentator. This discussion is going to be filmed before a live audience (invitation only) at the 2,500-seat Answers Center at the Ark Encounter. It’s going to be a very exciting, informative discussion, so watch it just after the film concludes on the evening of February 18.

And once you’ve seen part one, you will want to make sure you mark your calendar and reserve your ticket for the dramatic conclusion in part two, coming to theaters for one night only on May 5, 2020.

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