How and Why Should Christians Care for the Environment?

by Ken Ham on January 28, 2020
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One of the huge issues of our day concerns environmentalism. Steering through the media frenzy on issues such as climate change, carbon emissions, pollution, plastics, and more requires us to be firmly grounded in biblical truth and to get our wisdom there. We don’t need to be told what to think—we need to be taught how to think so we can investigate claims for ourselves and draw God-honoring conclusions.

So much of what we hear regarding the environment is couched in secular philosophies and ideas.

So much of what we hear regarding the environment is couched in secular philosophies and ideas. Because of that, much of it is wrong, and the drawn conclusions—and proposed actions—are also wrong. Sometimes Christians have the tendency to think everything regarding environmentalism or conservation is made-up by secularists and should be avoided. But we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

We, as image-bearers of the Creator, have been given dominion over creation (Genesis 1:28). To exercise wise dominion that honors the Lord, we need to look to the full counsel of God’s Word and develop a view of caring for what God has given us that honors his plans and purposes.

Discover this biblical view of dominion and how Christians should approach environmental issues in a brand-new book from biologist Dr. Gordon Wilson. He is a frequent contributor to our Answers magazine and the Answers in Genesis website, as well as the narrator of two incredible nature documentaries, The Riot and the Dance: Earth and The Riot and the Dance: Water (worldwide pay per view event on March 6, 2020). Dr. Wilson loves what God has made (especially reptiles and amphibians!) and has spent years filming nature and studying God’s Word and what it says about dominion, stewardship, and God’s design for his creation.

A Different Shade of Green contains a compelling Christian approach to biodiversity, life cycles, and the environment, offering solutions and correcting errors while teaching us how to give thanks for and responsibly rule over all of creation.

I encourage you to order a copy of this thought-provoking new book today from

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