The Riot and the Dance: Water, Coming on March 6, 2020

by Ken Ham on January 14, 2020
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Nature documentaries are usually filled with evolutionary content—giving glory to random chance or “Mother Earth” for the beauty, diversity, and design we see all around us. As Christians, we’re sad to see the glory that belongs to God alone being ascribed to earth. Sometimes it makes you want to watch the documentaries but put the audio on mute so you can enjoy the beautiful cinematography without the evolutionary commentary! But I have an even better solution for you.

The Riot and the Dance: Water is coming as a worldwide Pay-Per-View event.* This documentary is incredible! Just like the first one, The Riot and the Dance: Earth, the cinematography is stunning—it rivals anything you’d see on the BBC. But unlike BBC documentaries, this one gives the glory to God for his creation. And, with this unique Pay-Per-View opportunity, you can watch it anywhere in the world!

Dr. Gordon Wilson, a biologist who starts his thinking about nature with God’s Word, narrates and appears in this documentary. He shares fascinating facts about animals you might see in your backyard, as well as others far away. Throughout the documentary, he weaves in a biblical perspective on creation, death and suffering, animal carnivory, and more. I strongly urge you and your family to go and see this film—and take unbelievers with you!

Mark March 6 on your calendar and find all the details about this exciting event—including exclusive bonus content if you purchase before February 14—at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

* Editor’s note (1/15/20): Originally this blog stated that this film would premier in select US theaters. That information has recently changed, and we have updated to the currently available information from the filmmakers.

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