Answers Bible Curriculum Wins Three Homeschool Family Favorites Awards

by Ken Ham on January 11, 2020
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Our popular Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is our four-year Sunday school curriculum that goes through the Bible chronologically. It features apologetics, an emphasis on biblical authority, and meaty teaching. Over 10,000 churches use it, and so do many homeschool families across the country who adapt it to fit their needs. And we’re excited to announce that ABC just won three Homeschool Family Favorite designations from the homeschool convention Teach Them Diligently!

We placed number one in the following three categories:

  • Favorite High School Bible, Worldview, or Character Curriculum

  • Favorite Middle School Bible, Worldview, or Character Curriculum

  • Favorite Elementary Bible, Worldview, or Character Curriculum

Teach Them Diligently shared this about these awards:

The Homeschool Family Favorites designation is awarded to publishers that have earned enough votes on our survey to place in the top 3. This is quite an achievement because we received twice as many votes this year than we did last, and we added more categories and options. I believe the most powerful feature of this award is that it was voted on by families using your products. They would not vote for you if they were not enthusiastic about your product.

We’re thankful that so many families are enthusiastic about ABC and using it to teach and train their children in the Word of God. I encourage you to join the thousands of churches and homes and use ABC at your church or in your home. We even have a helpful article on how to adapt ABC to your homeschooling needs.

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