Christmas Shopping? Give Gifts of Experience

by Ken Ham on November 13, 2019
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Christmas is right around the corner—are you looking for a unique gift for a family member or friend? Consider giving them “a gift of experience.” These gifts are becoming increasingly popular, as individuals and families experience the joy of doing something together and making lasting memories. And we have some unique gifts of experience that will not only create wonderful memories but also will help you build a more biblical worldview and equip you with answers to today’s questions.

  • Ark Encounter and Creation Museum gift cards. The perfect way to inspire and help family members or friends visit our two world-class Christian themed attractions in Northern Kentucky—which powerfully share the gospel and answer the questions of our day—is to get them gift cards. They can use these towards admission, a wide range of food options, souvenirs, and teaching resources from the gift shop at either location.
  • Answers for Women conference registration. Help the women in your life to be equipped with the truth of God’s Word with a gift of registration to our annual women’s conference (March 27–28, 2020) at the Ark’s Answers Center. The theme this year is Truth: Uncovering the Lies We Believe. It’s going to be a time of meaty teaching as various experts expose lies and half-truths that have crept into the church. This is a great mother-daughter (or grandmother-granddaughter) gift. Bonus: conference registration includes an annual pass to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!
  • Answers Easter Conference registration. The media’s frantic covering of man-made climate change and the constant deluge of dire predictions we hear have stirred many people, particularly young people, to fear and dismay. How should Christians view this issue? Help your loved ones get answers to questions about physical and spiritual climate change at our Easter conference, April 9–12, 2019. This is a great gift idea for those hard-to-buy-for teens or college students. Bonus: conference registration includes an annual pass to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!
  • The Bible and Sexuality Conference registration. The Bible and sexuality is the theme of our annual Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference—but it’s for everyone. Whether you’re looking to bless your pastor and his wife or searching for a gift idea for your husband or wife, this conference on October 6–8, 2020, is for everyone. Issues of sexuality and gender are permeating and dividing our culture—and it’s only getting worse! Christians need to be equipped with answers to these all-important questions. It’s an excellent opportunity to equip teens and college students who are facing these issues head-on at school and with peers and professors, or maybe even with themselves. Bonus: conference registration includes an annual pass to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!
  • South Africa Safari 2020. Our friends over at Living Passages have organized a creation safari this summer (June 12–22, 2020) in beautiful South Africa, led by my dear friend Buddy Davis and his wife, Kay. Get up close with some of the most incredible animals God made, such as elephants, lions (you even get to walk with the lions!), rhinos, cheetahs, and giraffes. Enjoy photo safari treks with experienced guides and music and biblical teaching from Buddy. It’s certainly going to be a memory-maker for everyone involved! Space is limited, so be sure to register right away.

When you register for one conference, you automatically receive an individual annual pass which gives you a second Answers conference for half-price!

Perhaps you have someone who would like to attend more than one conference. Well, when you register for one conference, you automatically receive an individual annual pass (or you can register for a family pass), which gives you a second Answers conference for half-price!

Gifts of Experience for Kids and Families

Looking for something for the kids? Consider one of these “experience gifts” that are great for kids. (Grandparents, this is an exciting way to pour into the spiritual lives of your grandchildren!):

  • Explore Days. Explore Days are full-day science events at the Creation Museum. Through hands-on activities, children and teens learn more about a specific field of science through the lens of a biblical worldview. An expert instructor teaches each class, and subjects include zoology, botany, astronomy, forensics, chemistry, and more. These events are very reasonably priced and make a wonderful gift of experience for children grades 4–12. Explore Days usually sell out early, so be sure to register right away.
  • 5-Day Explore Summer Camp. Over the summer, we’re offering several 5-Day Explore Summer Camps (and a 3-Day Explore Forensics Camp). These day camps provide hands-on science teaching on a variety of subjects (one each day)—and even include a special overnight in the Creation Museum for the astronomy day! Everything is taught through the lens of Scripture, and it’s a great way to help a budding scientist build a biblical worldview of science and origins. (Registration opens January 2020.)

Or what about something for the whole family? Consider an annual pass for the entire family to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. The annual pass allows you to come and go all year. Enjoy the playgrounds, zoos, gardens, concerts, educational programs, and, of course, exhibits at both attractions. Parking is included as well! This gift lasts all year and is great for a grandparent to gift to their children and grandchildren. It is also great for a parent to give to their children. Really, it’s an eternal investment in the lives of families!

Find out more about all these and other gifts at and

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