Falling Flat: A New Book by Dr. Danny Faulkner Refuting the Flat Earth

by Ken Ham on September 15, 2019
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Ten years ago, Answers in Genesis was rarely asked about whether or not the earth was flat. We often heard atheists comparing a belief in creation to a belief in a flat earth (implying the creationist view violates what we can observe from observational science, which it doesn’t), but we didn’t receive serious inquiries about the earth’s shape. However, that’s all changed—it’s a question we hear frequently, particularly directed at our astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner. In fact, it’s become such a popular topic that Dr. Faulkner wrote a book, Falling Flat, that’s now available for order.

On his blog, Dr. Faulkner has written extensively on this topic. When he’s out speaking or meeting guests at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, he receives many questions. He also hears heart-breaking stories about the impact the flat-earth movement has had on families, marriages, friendships, and even whole churches. The prevalence of this teaching, and the damage it’s doing inspired Dr. Faulkner to write a book on the topic. He trusts it will be a helpful resource for those with “flat earth” family members or friends and those who are “on the fence” about the issue.

Dr. Faulkner was also part of a documentary produced by The Creation Guys. It features a biblical and scientific look at various pieces of evidence, conclusively showing that the earth is a sphere and that the Bible doesn’t teach a flat earth. You can find the documentary Faith on the Edge in our online bookstore.

If you know someone who has been captured by the modern flat-earth movement, if you have questions yourself or just want to thoroughly investigate the matter, I encourage you to order Falling Flat.

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