Join Ken Ham at Bob Jones University for STAND, September 24

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Later this month, I’ll be heading down south to Bob Jones University (BJU) in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. I will be speaking at their free STAND Education Conference, September 24, 2019.

BJU is unlike the vast majority of Christian colleges. This school actually takes a stand on a literal Genesis, including a young earth, six literal days, and a global flood (you can find a list of such schools at I’m thrilled to be speaking at a school that doesn’t compromise the truth of God’s Word and is excited to share the message of biblical authority with teenagers.

I recently sat down with the president of BJU, Steve Pettit, to discuss this upcoming conference:

If you’re in South Carolina, don’t miss this event. It’s sure to equip your teenager to stand boldly for the Christian faith, even in a very skeptical day and age. And it’s great for adults, too!

Register for this free conference today at

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