Answers Magazine Features the Gender Revolution and the War on Marriage

by Ken Ham on September 1, 2019
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Our biblical worldview magazine, Answers, tackles the tough issues of our culture, giving you helpful answers and perspectives—always starting with God’s Word—on these contentious issues. And our latest edition, arriving in mailboxes soon, is no different. This issue features articles on gender and sexuality, helping believers think according to God’s Word regarding hot-button topics such as transgender, gender fluidity, and homosexuality. This is not an issue you want to miss! And all of us need equipping on these timely topics so we can teach our children how to deal with these issues that permeate our culture.

All of us need equipping on these timely topics so we can teach our children how to deal with these issues that permeate our culture.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in this edition of Answers include:

  • Gender in Our Culture: Cutting Through the Chaos. What should believers do when we disagree with our neighbors about the very nature of humanity?
  • The Biology of Gender. With 112 so-called gender options, our culture is in desperate need of a basic biology lesson.
  • Same-Sex Attraction: If It Feels Right, Is It? Shouldn’t we value the sincere feelings of others rather than condemning them?
  • Sexuality: Broken and Redeemed. The world and Scripture have two very different perspectives on sex.
  • “The Talk”: An Interview with Heidi St. John. Heidi St. John, “The Busy Mom,” sits down with the publisher of Answers magazine to share her advice on how to talk to kids about sex.
Answers Magazine 14.5

In addition to these sensitive but very timely topics, you’ll find articles about the remarkable mole rat, what the rocks are really telling us, how we can know the Bible is true, bee swarms, the “tree ring” circus, and so much more. And, as always, there’s a mini pull-out magazine for kids. In this issue, they’ll learn about the reptilian monsters God created to fill the earth, sky, and sea and how to understand these incredible creatures through the lens of biblical history.

Now, if you are parents of young children, you may want to read through this issue before passing it along, but the content is tasteful. And, at your discretion, I encourage you to share it with your older children—these are the issues our young people are grappling with today, and we must teach them how to think biblically. After all, the world is doing everything it can to lead them down a path of sinful thinking and affirmation. And, yes, some of these topics may seem awkward to talk about, but you should be the one filling your children’s minds with truth, not allowing the world to lead them astray. So, consider reading and talking through this issue together. It’s a great conversation starter!

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