Saving Kittens Over Human Babies?

by Ken Ham on March 27, 2019
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What would you think if I told you a Democratic senator in the US introduced legislation that would require adoption into loving families for tiny babies that would otherwise have been killed? And what if I told you those little babies were actually kittens and that same US senator voted against legislation that would require medical care for human babies who survive abortions? What an inconsistent and hypocritical world we live in!

Many people inconsistently refuse to apply the same horror to the taking of a human life earlier in the timeline of a pregnancy.

In the wake of extreme abortion bills being pushed in several US states, people’s eyes are being opened to the horror of abortion. But many people inconsistently refuse to apply that same horror to the taking of a human life earlier in the timeline of a pregnancy. Abortion is wrong—it is murder—regardless of the age of the unborn child.

Plan to See Unplanned

We need to open our eyes to the horror of all abortions so that unborn children’s lives can be spared. That’s why I am encouraging everyone to go and see the film Unplanned, coming to US theaters on Friday, March 29, 2019. This film powerfully highlights the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Clinic director, who is now a pro-life activist.

Frost Smith, of our staff, was able to see an early screener of the film. Be sure to check out her review that will be released this Friday.

I encourage you to take everyone you know—especially young people or those who are pro-choice—to see this film. Find a theater near you at

See my interview with Michael Scott, CEO of Pure Flix, and hear his heart in getting Abby’s powerful story and the horrors of abortion exposed once and for all.

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