Get Equipped to “Answer a Fool”

by Ken Ham on January 18, 2019
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Proverbs 26:4–5 reads: “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.” This verse may seem like a contradiction when you first read it. But like most alleged Bible contradictions, the “contradiction” quickly disappears with further thought.

So what does it mean to answer and not answer a fool according to his folly?

Well, let’s start by noting that the Bible isn’t engaging in name calling by using the term fool. It refers to someone who has rejected God’s truth and thus given up the foundation necessary for knowledge. This is an irrational or foolish position. And we aren’t to answer a fool according to this folly. If a fool wants to set the terms of the argument by saying the Bible isn’t true or miracles can’t happen, we reject those terms because they are foolish terms. We don’t embrace an unbeliever’s starting point lest we become like him.

But we are to answer fools according to their folly by exposing the foolishness of their arguments, to keep them from becoming wise in their own eyes and thinking there is no answer to their argument. If you read any of our Feedback articles, watch our Facebook Live program Answers News, or even regularly read my blog, you’ll notice a common theme. We generally address atheistic and naturalistic arguments—“folly”—from a presuppositional approach. That means we expose the underlying worldview and faulty thinking behind other belief systems, showing how they’re really stealing from a biblical worldview (which is the only worldview that has an ultimate basis for logic, morality, uniformity of nature, etc.) in order to argue against it. We temporarily use their terms to reflect their position back to them to show them their folly.

You can learn more about the Don’t Answer/Answer strategy in this article by Dr. Jason Lisle: “Fool-Proof Apologetics.”

Get Equipped to “Answer a Fool”

Discover how to “answer a fool according to his folly” at our Easter conference called Answering Atheists.

You can discover how to “answer a fool according to his folly” at our Easter conference called Answering Atheists, sponsored by This conference takes place April 17–21, 2019, at the Ark Encounter in our brand-new Answers Center (inside a 2,500 seat multi-purpose auditorium).

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This conference will conclude with a sunrise service lead by Ray Comfort on Easter morning on the grounds of the Ark Encounter. This special sunrise service is free for anyone to attend.

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