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by Ken Ham on January 13, 2019
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If I asked you what the defining cultural issue of the past five years has been, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to answer, “gender and marriage.” Yes, the “gender revolution” is permeating the West. In the blink of an eye, the revolution has overthrown any semblance of a biblical view of sexuality. How are Christians to respond and equip their children to think biblically when the culture is selling a lie, dressed as an attractive truth? Well, we want to invite all women to come to the Ark Encounter to be equipped at our 2019 Answers for Women conference (taking place April 5–6) south of Cincinnati, Sacred: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality.

This will be our first conference in the brand-new Answers Center (before it’s actually officially opened), at the Ark Encounter. Hundreds of women from across the US will gather together to learn from God’s Word on topics such as pornography, homosexual behavior, gender identity, sex and the single woman, and much more. Speakers include me, AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom, June Hunt, Heidi St. John (“The Busy Mom”), Owen Strachan, and other excellent speakers. We’ve received so many great testimonials from previous women’s conferences attendees, telling us they so love the “meat” of teaching they receive and the apologetics emphasis, instead of getting just some shallow teaching.

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Worship for the conference will be led by Jonathan and Emily Martin of The Word in Worship. Also, Fernando Ortega, a classically trained composer, singer, and songwriter will be there. You’re sure to be encouraged and refreshed with beautiful music, fellowship with other believers, and Scripture-filled teaching sessions. We encourage you to bring your teenage daughters or granddaughters—or a group of friends for a ladies’ getaway. Women need these solid answers for themselves, for their children, and for those they know. Don’t miss this conference!

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