More to Life: Pro-Life Beyond Abortion

by Ken Ham on January 5, 2019
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Answers in Genesis has always been a pro-life ministry. This belief naturally flows out of a literal understanding of Genesis. Genesis 1:27 teaches that humans were created in the very image of God. Every human being—whether old, young, unborn, disabled, or unhealthy—has unique value and worth because everyone is created in the very image of God. And this pro-life belief is the focus of our current issue of Answers magazine, arriving in mailboxes now.

Nearly 30 pages of the first issue for 2019 are dedicated to the value of human life, including miracle moments in pregnancy, children with disabilities, and post-abortion guilt. This issue will open your eyes to what being truly pro-life looks like—it goes so far beyond just being anti-abortion (really, anti-murder). This issue also looks at:

  • "Narwhal-Unicorn of the Sea": The narwhal’s unusual tusk clearly didn’t grow there by accident—but what is it there for?
  • "Stumped by Forests in Antarctica": Forests in Antarctica? This frigid, forbidding continent is full of surprising evidences for creation.
  • “Is Male Headship a Curse?”: The pain of childbearing is clearly part of the woman’s curse, but what about that last part of the Genesis text, “He shall rule over you”?
  • "Trusting the Text": Without the original texts of the Bible in our hands, how can we be sure our surviving copies don’t contain lots of mistakes?
  • And more!

And, as always, inside every issue kids receive their own mini pull-out magazine, Kids Answers. They’ll learn that we’re all related, all 7.6 billion of us, so we’re really just one big family. But, if we’re all one family, why do we look so different? Children will find the answer to this question in this fun magazine just for them.

If you aren’t a subscriber to our award-winning family publication, I encourage you to subscribe today at When you subscribe to the print edition, we will give you the searchable digital edition (that has many extras) free!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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