Watch the YouTube Channel Getting the Unsaved to View Gospel Presentations

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Sharing the gospel with others can be difficult. Here at Answers in Genesis, we work hard to provide you with answers to the skeptical questions of our day, so you can boldly share the gospel with others. And we’re thankful for our friends—Ray Comfort, “EZ,” and their colleagues—over at the Living Waters ministry, located in California. They are dedicated to equipping believers with resources and practical knowledge so they can reach the lost. One way they do this is through their YouTube channel, which has just exploded recently.

The general manager of Living Waters shared that their YouTube channel has jumped to over 65,000,000 views and 290,000 subscribers. They now post two fresh videos every day, most of which are clips of pure gospel presentations. Many of these clips are being watched by the unsaved!

On their channel you’ll find:

  • Apologetics videos
  • On-the-street gospel presentations
  • Full-length films
  • Ministry updates and announcements

I encourage you to check out Living Waters' YouTube channel at It’s a blessing for us to work with—and recommend—ministries that have such a kinship with AiG. By the way, Ray and EZ will speak during our AiG conference at the new Answers Center (on the Ark Encounter grounds south of Cincinnati) next April; see

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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