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by Ken Ham
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With all the busyness of shopping for gifts, decorating the house, preparing for company, cooking, traveling, and everything else that can come with the Christmas season, it’s easy to overlook the wonder of the real reason we celebrate Christmas. So to help you and your family focus your thoughts on Christ and the miracle surrounding his birth, we’re offering you three free Christmas readings from The 10-Minute Bible Journey by AiG’s Dale Mason.

10 Minute Bible Journey Christmas Readings

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The 10-Minute Bible Journey is an exciting resource that we’re thrilled to carry. Dale Mason, publisher of Answers Magazine and author of this book, goes through the Bible chronologically in 52 reads. Each section is packed with apologetics and historical background information that will bring the biblical text to life. You’ll find the Bible springs to life when you study it chronologically—knowing who lived when and which events happened in which order. Going through the major events in order also helps readers understand the Bible is about one person—the Savior, Jesus Christ—from cover to cover.

We have seen a surge of bus tour groups in the past few years, equating to tens of thousands of guests visiting our attractions. Remarkably, we have sometimes seen up to 60 buses travel to the Ark Encounter in a single day.

With this free download from the book, you’ll enjoy PDFs of the chapters describing Christ’s birth and the events shortly thereafter, audio of those chapters from the audiobook, and exclusive coloring sheets for the kids. We hope you’ll enjoy this free download and that it will help you and your family turn your thoughts towards Christ and the glory of his arrival as the babe in a manager.

Learn more about this unique book, and these free downloads, in this interview with Dale:

Download your free chapters at AnswersBookstore.com/10minutechristmas.

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