Who is “Banana Man?” Discover the True Story in The Fool

by Ken Ham on November 9, 2018
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Are you hesitant to share the gospel because of what people might think? Then watch the gripping story of “Banana Man” as told in The Fool. This movie is the newest release from Ray Comfort of Living Waters, and it’s available for download before its release on YouTube next year.

The Fool tells the story of how Ray Comfort became atheists’ favorite “celebrity atheist” after Richard Dawkins gave him the humiliating nickname “Banana Man.” But this amazing true story doesn’t end there—God used Ray’s humiliation to open doors, allowing millions to hear the message of the gospel. It’s a gripping story that’s sure to encourage you to boldly share the gospel with others.

As with all of Living Waters’ productions, The Fool will be available on YouTube in early 2019 so you can freely watch it and share it with others. But you can download the film now before it debuts on YouTube, giving you early access and helping support the ministry of Living Waters, covering some of the costs to produce this film. As a token of their appreciation, your download includes:

  • The Fool
  • The Angry Atheist, a 33-minute video of a furious atheist challenging Ray on the street. You’ll be encouraged by how Ray answered this man’s objections.
  • “The Angry Atheist Companion Guide.” This practical discussion guide allows you to dig deeper into the biblical principles and answers offered in the video. Great for group or family discussion!
  • “How to Overcome Life’s Endless Trials: Valuable Lessons from the Life of Joseph.” Discover gems of truth in the life of Joseph that will encourage you today. Perfect for personal or group study.

Featured throughout The Fool are behind-the-scenes interviews with leading atheists, such as Lawrence Krauss, and the true story of Ray’s encounter with atheist Penn Jillette. I urge you to see this film. It’s encouraging, equipping, and inspiring.

And if you’re an atheist Living Waters is offering a special discount on the download! I encourage you to watch this video and discover the true story of “Banana Man.”

Order your copy of The Fool today at BananaManStory.com.

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