Why Do We Age? Featured in Latest Issue of Answers Magazine

by Ken Ham on October 30, 2018
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In a culture that is obsessed with retaining youthfulness, we are bombarded every day with products that will slow the effects of aging. But why do we age? What is the science behind the aging process and is there a way to truly slow it down? Find out in the November–December issue of Answers magazine.

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Ken Ham

Nearly 40 years ago, I left my teaching job in Australia and began a full-time speaking ministry, now known as Answers in Genesis.

In this issue, read Todd Friel’s article, “Ken Ham—The Man Everyone Loves to Hate,” in which he interviewed me—and some of my family members—for the 25th anniversary of Answers in Genesis! Todd writes:

“Day after day, nasty critiques flood the ministry, often aimed directly at Ken by name. Why would anyone in his right mind voluntarily enter the Colosseum every day to face the lions?”

You’ll find out what motivates me to persevere in the ministry, and how God has blessed and provided for us—especially in building the multi-million dollar facilities of the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. God is using Answers in Genesis to proclaim his Word, changing the lives of millions of people.

You also won’t want to miss articles about

  • the resurgent flat-earth movement that claims to be based on the Bible
  • the cultural attack on parental rights
  • the church's condition concerning the "race" issue
  • whether dinosaurs are proof of millions of years of evolution or reminders of God’s glory
  • why wasps are so evil
  • and much more!
KA Cover

The Kids Answers pullout section features the “sick squad,” exploring how God designed our bodies with a super squad of defenders to fight sickness! Kids will love the word search, seek-and-find, and Buddy Davis’ family devotion, that looks at our immune system from a biblical standpoint. This will help your kids gain an understanding of science, based on the truth of the Bible.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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