Business Very Good for So Many Businesses in the Area!

by Ken Ham
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We are constantly hearing from local business owners, as well as some in the media, that the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum have had a great tourism impact on Northern Kentucky. One recent article on, which also appeared in local newspapers, indicated that more hotels are coming to the city of Florence, roughly half-way between the Ark and museum—and it’s primarily due to our visitors.

The fact that about 90% of our guests are travelling here from outside Kentucky to visit our attractions translates into a need for more hotel beds. In fact, we are also aware of additional hotels being built that are located south of Florence and closer to the Ark.

The economic impact of Ark/museum tourism is being felt across the Ohio River in Cincinnati too. Even restaurants and banquet facilities are seeing a growth in business. The general manager of The Farm, a large facility that hosts banquets, weddings, and other special events, is Dan Elsaesser. Because so many groups are visiting the Ark and Creation Museum and then enjoying a dinner buffet at The Farm, Dan (who had some lean times a few years ago) shared with one of our staff: “As I said to you last year, ‘the first Ark saved humanity, and the second Ark saved The Farm’!! I will always be grateful to you for all this business! Over 100 buses scheduled in September and October, and April through August was very busy, too!!”

Here is a video clip Dan recorded for us about the motor-coach tours that frequently arrive at his restaurant/banquet hall west of downtown Cincinnati.

One of Dan’s customers posted the following to Facebook:

“After a great day at the Creation Museum, eating here was the ‘icing on the cake.’ What a great experience! The food was amazing—best meatloaf ever! And food was hot, not lukewarm. I loved the chicken, the ribs, real mashed potatoes, green beans with ham and onions, cranberry salad, cheesecakes—delicious!

“From the moment we arrived and the owner spoke to us on the bus and prayed for our meal, we knew we were in for a real treat. The owner told us the history of the building, his family, the restaurant, the city of Cincinnati, and his personal testimony of his belief in Christ and the healing which he had received. Praise God for directing us to this place!” —Karen

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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