Camp Infinity is Looking for College Students Who Love God and STEM

by Ken Ham on September 22, 2018
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Are you a college-age young person who loves God, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), connecting with young people, and a biblical worldview? If so, I encourage you to check out an exciting opportunity with Camp Infinity (Ci). This unique biblical worldview STEM camp, held in Northern Kentucky, brings hands-on STEM activities and biblical truth together for campers in grades 3 through high school—and they are looking for counselors for this summer! Ci is an independent organization but is endorsed by Answers in Genesis as we work in close cooperation.

As a counselor with Ci, you will be doing much more than helping students with hands-on activities such as robotics, drones, experiments, and more—you’ll be investing in the hearts and minds of children and young people, encouraging them to trust God’s Word and to think biblically. You’ll also be nurturing their love of STEM and encouraging students to pursue further studies for God’s glory. It’s an exciting opportunity to impact the next generation of scientists and researchers.

Ci usually takes place here at our Creation Museum (west of the Cincinnati Airport), with lodging nearby. Counselors all receive training from various staff members from Answers in Genesis and have the opportunity to share with campers about the STEM field they are pursuing, to encourage them and open their eyes to programs and fields they may not have even thought of.

Ci’s counselors come from both Christian and secular colleges, but all are pursuing a STEM field or program of study. Having counselors from both backgrounds is an exciting mix. Those in Christian colleges that take a stand on Genesis as literal history can share how that experience has impacted them, and they can pass along the biblical-worldview knowledge they’ve gained to their campers.

Of course, those students from secular colleges learn from evolutionists and atheists virtually every day, and their teachers are real people with eternal souls who need a Savior, Jesus Christ. These counselors often have practical knowledge for how to share Christ with evolutionists and atheists, as well as for how to stand strong in a secular school.

If this sounds like something you would love to be part of, apply today or learn more at

And if Ci appears to be perfect for your young person to attend as a camper, check out their teen, junior, or family camps. They are already accepting registrations for summer 2019 (Ci 6.0), and spots are filling up! Learn more about Ci, available scholarships, and what’s coming next summer at

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