Exciting New Homeschool Video Resource

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

As homeschool parents are well aware, homeschooling curriculum can get fairly expensive. And an important aspect of homeschooling (and parenting in general) is teaching our children apologetics and how to develop a truly Christian worldview. They need to know what they believe and why they believe it—and be able to defend what they believe to others. And we have an exciting new opportunity that provides you with over 500 Answers in Genesis apologetics videos for about the cost of just one DVD a month!

Much of Answers in Genesis’ video content is now available on the leading faith- and family-friendly video streaming service PureFlix.com. This allows our videos to be seen by even more people and will protect our online content going forward. It also allows families to enjoy all of our videos at a very low cost.

I encourage all families to consider a subscription to PureFlix.com. And I encourage homeschooling families in particular to look into PureFlix.com, using the Answers in Genesis videos as an apologetics program for their children of all ages. Once all of our videos are streaming on PureFlix.com, there will be programs for young children through adults, making it perfect for families with children in various grades. And you get everything for one low price, making it very affordable.

Learn more and enjoy a free, one-month trial at PureFlix.com.

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