Ice Skating in September in Kentucky?

by Ken Ham on September 5, 2018
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When you think of Kentucky, ice skating is probably not something that comes to mind—especially in September! But you can go “ice” skating today at the Ark Encounter. We’ve recently opened a Glice® rink—the largest in North America—at the Ark. Glice® is a synthetic ice that acts just like real ice, allowing you to skate regardless of the weather.

Glice Rink

Everything you need is provided for you and you can skate for as long as you want, during one continuous session, for just $8. For children who are just learning to skate, a special skating prop is available at no extra cost. Where else can you skate in shorts and t-shirt—and with Noah’s Ark in the background? It’s the most unique Glice® skating experience in the world!

Glice Skates Whale-Themed Skating Prop

The Glice® rink will remain open now through our Christmas event, ChristmasTime (November 23–December 30, 2018, closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). During the Christmas season you will be able to skate and enjoy the gorgeous rainbow lights on the Ark, as well as the festive lighting throughout the grounds.

Plan your visit to the Ark Encounter—and be sure to try out our Glice® rink when you do. Visit or read the blog, "Glice® Skating Rink Now Open at the Ark Encounter," to learn more. To plan your visit for ChristmasTime, visit

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