Seek and Save the Lost the Way Jesus Did

by Ken Ham on July 28, 2018
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Do you struggle to share your faith with others? That’s why ministries like Living Waters and Answers in Genesis exist. Our friends over at Living Waters provide you with the strategies and resources to share your faith, and AiG equips you with answers to the questions that will inevitably come up as you share the good news. We’re excited to carry Way of the Master: Student Edition, a new evangelism resource from my good friend evangelist Ray Comfort of Living Waters.

Ray Comfort (with his furry friend) discusses the benefits of The Way of the Master: Student Edition.

The Way of the Master: Student Edition

The Way of the Master: Student Edition is perfect for today’s youth.

This is a special student edition of the best-selling book The Way of the Master. It’s full of timeless biblical truths that will inspire, equip, and challenge students to share the good news of the gospel. Ray says, “What they read will make them want to cry and shout . . . and win the lost!”

If you’ve watched Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s award-winning TV program, Way of the Master (which is making a comeback!), you’ll recognize many of the biblical principles outlined in this book. It will show your young person how to seek and save the lost the way our Master, Jesus Christ, did. It’s not surprising that Ray is featured in an evangelistic film we show inside our life-size Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter here in Northern Kentucky.

And each chapter includes a discussion guide with thought-provoking questions and interactive activities. It’s a great book to go through as a youth group, homeschool group, or Sunday school class. Order this new book in our online store.

The Ultimate Answers Pack

I also encourage you to order our Ultimate Answers Pack to equip you with detailed answers to the most common questions people have about the truth of God’s Word. This new pack includes the classics The New Answers Book Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as the unofficial fifth Answers Book, A Flood of Evidence. All five books work together to equip you with the answers you need for a questioning world, and now these books are available in a specially discounted pack.

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