Climate Change Killed the Aliens!

by Ken Ham on July 18, 2018
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It seems extraterrestrial aliens make the news quite frequently (despite the fact that they don’t exist!). Every few weeks there’s a new study about why we supposedly haven’t found them, when we will find them, or why they’re no longer around. And a new study, based on the former inhabitants of Easter Island off the coast of Chile, claims the aliens we’re spending billions searching for won’t be found because climate change already killed them.

Studies have suggested that perhaps the inhabitants of Easter Island died out due to a depletion of their resources, leading to starvation and eventually the collapse of their civilization. The authors of this new study started with that model and then created mathematical models for what might happen to alien civilizations “if they were to increasingly convert their planet’s limited natural resources into energy,” as we do here on earth. The result was four different scenarios, three of which ended in apocalypse and the other “worked only when civilizations recognized the damage they were doing to the planet, and acted in the right away.”

So why haven’t we found aliens yet? Well, they died out due to climate change, of course! And the article contends that if we don’t change our ways, we will die out due to climate change, too. Climate change continues to be a popular item in the news with many doomsday scenarios being proposed. But your starting point determines your interpretation of this issue (and the question of aliens for that matter!). You can learn more in this article by Steven Gollmer, “The End of Global Warming?

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