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by Ken Ham on May 4, 2018
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Caves have been a source of wonder—and trepidation—for centuries. If you’ve ever had the experience of going below ground, surrounded by nothing but rock, you know what I mean. When you visit a popular cave site, you’ll likely see signs or hear from guides about how this cave system was formed by water trickling slowly from above over millions of years. But new research is turning that idea upside down!

You’ll discover what new research is suggesting about the true origin of many of today’s caves in the latest issue of our popular multi-award-winning family magazine, Answers. This new issue also features an article I wrote on the huge difference Genesis and its history made among Australian Aborigines (and how you can impact others with the same message). You’ll also discover an underwater “monster” unlike any other sea creature, investigate the latest research in cloning (and what this means for the idea of human cloning), and explore whether there’s anything good about pain.

Other articles include:

  • Mudrocks in Minutes.” The conventional story is that earth’s thousands of feet of sedimentary rock took millions of years to settle out of water, but new experiments suggest that reality was massively different.
  • Not Just a Pretty Face.” Flowers, often viewed merely as something pretty, are some of the most remarkable structures on earth. They are difficult for evolution to explain.
  • Is There a Flood in the Stars?” The constellations appear to tell the story of a great flood. How is this possible? Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself.
  • Experiment: Fill in the Blanks.” God designed your brain to fill in missing details on the fly—with some interesting consequences.
  • And more!

Each new issue of Answers includes a mini-magazine for kids. They will learn about “extreme plants,” including carnivorous plants, the baobab tree, orchids, and the rafflesia (the rotten-smelling “meat flower”). They will discover that God made plants on day three of creation week and that he cares for them, but God cares for us far more than he cares for the lilies of the field or any other plant.

This magazine is very popular with families, and we often hear how it has blessed people.

This magazine is very popular with families, and we often hear how it has blessed people. For example, we heard this from C. C., in Florida, who is a long-time magazine subscriber:

I have been a subscriber to Answers magazine for about eight years, and I read almost every issue cover to cover. My older children squabble over [who first gets] the Kids Answers section. I appreciate the continued devotion for producing quality, lasting work for many to read and learn. You have been a wonderful blessing to me and my family, including some unsaved relatives.

I encourage you to subscribe to this award-winning, family magazine today (you’ll get a free download of up to three of our best-selling videos when you do) at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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