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by Ken Ham
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I’m pleased to promote the National Bible Bee Gameshow. The National Bible Bee encourages young people to memorize and study God’s Word. It’s a great program that will benefit them for their entire lives as they hide God’s Word in their hearts. And the gameshow, available to watch for free on Facebook, is a fun, family-friendly show to enjoy together.

This year’s competition is hosted by: well-known actor and producer Kirk Cameron; entrepreneurs and twin brothers, David and Jason Benham; president of Living Waters, Emeal Zwayne; and former National Bible Bee champion, Hannah Leary. The six-episode show will feature the top 15 contestants from three age divisions (primary, junior, senior).

You will be refreshed to hear God’s Word from children of all ages.

Each contestant memorized between 600 and 950 verses to compete—now, that’s a lot of Scripture!

I encourage you to watch this show together as a family. You will be refreshed to hear God’s Word from children of all ages, and it might inspire your children to start learning some Scripture verses themselves. You can watch the premiere from earlier this week on their Facebook page, as well as each new episode as they are released.

Watch the National Bible Bee Competition Show Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. (ET) at

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