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by Ken Ham on April 24, 2018
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Our family apologetics and biblical worldview magazine, Answers, has won many prestigious awards over the years. And we’re pleased that this year the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awarded Answers 10 more awards at an EPA ceremony in Orlando! These included a first-place award, two second-place awards, an Award of Merit, and more!

Evangelical Press Association First Place Award
Evangelical Press Association Award of Merit

Our second-place award for a medium-length article is a first for Answers and is a huge win. This means we placed second in a competition with every article entry from every Christian magazine in the EPA that submitted an entry!

Evangelical Press Association Second Place Award for General Article
Evangelical Press Association Second Place Award for Original Art

Also, we’ve confirmed that our entry in the “long article” category was awarded a perfect score—50 out of 50. Unfortunately, due to an accounting error, it wasn’t included in the rankings. But the judge who gave it a perfect score was glowing about the article, “Taste & See” by John UpChurch. I encourage you to read the article if you haven’t seen it yet.

The judges had many positive and encouraging comments about our magazine and specific articles and artwork designs that won awards. I thought I would share some of them with you:

Oh my goodness, the writing and illustrations in these submissions are just wonderful. Each of the articles kept my attention from beginning to end.
Congratulations on a deep, powerful piece which engages readers intellectually and emotionally, as well as spiritually.
An intriguing article that goes beyond an interesting read . . . the skill of the writer and editors shines through subtle, professional implementations.
Beautifully done custom typography and illustrations. Impressive custom typography and usage of space. Very informative and fun!
Because of the exquisite and intriguing illustration, the strong and appropriate headline, and the risk taken by turning the spread sideways (for a reason, not just as a gimmick), this spread is in my top 5. Great job!
With the constant attack on creationism, Answers has a tough task—express important, often contested content in a sophisticated and entertaining way that has to be taken seriously. They have succeeded in that and more with some very cool spreads, great illustrations, nice typography, and even some fun thrown in. The science is presented in stimulating and easy-to-comprehend ways. They also have a very sophisticated “Kids Answers” insert. Well done.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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