Experience “Creation Under the Stars” with Camp Infinity

by Ken Ham on April 21, 2018
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We are thrilled to promote Camp Infinity (Ci), a unique camp that teaches young people science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the lens of a biblical creationist worldview. If you have an academically inclined and naturally curious child, Ci is designed just for them! And they can experience everything Ci has to offer by attending a summer camp here at the Creation Museum or, this year, by joining Ci for family camp in Arizona or a STEM camp in West Virginia.

Creation Under the Stars in Arizona

Camp Infinity is coming to Grandview Camp in Eager, Arizona (east of Phoenix), August 31–September 3, 2018, for a Creation Under the Stars Family Camp. In addition to hands-on STEM activities that will focus on robotics, AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner will join Ci. You and your family will design, build, and program robots; peer through telescopes to see what God has made in the heavens; discover astronomy and technology from a biblical worldview; and enjoy outdoor activities such as archery, paintball, sling shots, hiking, mountain biking, trail rides in a national forest, a low ropes obstacle course, and more.

You can learn more and register on the Grandview Camp website.

STEM Camp in West Virginia

For those on the other side of the nation, Alpine Ministries, a ministry of Appalachian Bible College (one of the schools on our Creation Colleges website), is hosting Ci for a STEM Camp. Alpine Ministries is located in Beckley, West Virginia (south of Charleston), and this camp is taking place July 30–August 4, 2018.

For this camp, Dr. Danny Faulkner will also be joining Ci to show you some of God’s rarely seen handiwork through telescopes and to help you understand it from a biblical perspective. Ci will be providing hands-on STEM activities, including robotics and drones, along with teaching on how we look at technology through a biblical worldview. This camp is for kids aged 8–12.

You can learn more and register on the Alpine Ministries website.

Ci at the Creation Museum

Every year, the Creation Museum hosts several Ci summer camps. Young people and families from across the United States, and even internationally, come to Northern Kentucky for this truly unique STEM experience. This summer you can join them for:

  • Junior Day Camp (June 21–23)
  • Teen Day Camp (June 21–23)
  • Teen Overnight Camp (June 25–30; July 9–14; July 16–21)
  • Family Camp (July 4–7)

Camp Infinity is offering a special discount for Answers in Genesis supporters and followers. Use promo code aig30 on your application to save 30%. (This offer is limited to new applications and is not valid on Teen Overnight Camp week one, June 25–30).

You can learn more about Camp Infinity and all their upcoming camps at CampInfinity.com/camps.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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