“Your Ministry Is . . . Allowing Hungry Students to Find Truth”

by Ken Ham on January 21, 2018
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Do you have a high school student in your life? There is tremendous pressure on teens—especially if they attend a government school—to accept the secular teaching about origins, morality, sexuality, and so much more. They need to be equipped to stand strong, to trust God’s Word from the very beginning, and to think biblically. What are you doing to equip them?

We recently heard from a young environmental engineer who told us that she found our resources invaluable for helping her stand strong in her faith during her teen years. And she’s using these resources today to spark gospel discussions! She said:

Thank you for following through with the amazing idea for the Creation Museum, Ark, and AiG. All three of these have blessed my life in specific ways. Your ministry has helped me establish my faith in a confident and powerful way. I first discovered AiG when I was a 9th grader in a public school in Tennessee. My biology teacher was proudly proclaiming that he had abandoned the myth of Christianity for science and evolution. Half of the school year was spent proving evolution!

Although stories like this are exactly why Christian parents seek alternate schools for their kids, growing up in public schools actually launched me on a quest for truth. I am thankful for all the times I felt uncertain of my beliefs because it encouraged me to explore science on my own. Feeling that my Christian faith was being threatened by my biology teacher’s worldview was how I discovered AiG and The New Answers Books. Because of these resources, I was able to have confidence in Genesis and the rest of the Word.

Now I’m 23 and I’m an environmental engineer. I have recently rediscovered the joy of origins science because I stumbled upon the Bill Nye debate that somehow I never watched. . . . I’ve got my family and coworkers discussing origins science, and I am delighted at what a great segue it is into sharing the gospel with others.

So, Ken, thank you for being a faithful servant of the kingdom. Your ministry is changing lives and allowing hungry students to find Truth.

—R. P., from TN

I have met so many people who told me the debate I did with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” in 2014 opened up conversations to talk about origins, the Bible, and the gospel.

I encourage you to consider getting some Answers in Genesis resources for your teens to equip them with the answers they need. As a starting place, I recommend The New Answers Books and The New Answers Books for Teens. And, if you can, you’ll definitely want to bring them to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. These two world-class attractions really bring the Bible to life.

You can see the full selection of resources at AnswersBookstore.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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