Religious Discrimination from Apple and the Air Force

by Ken Ham on November 4, 2017
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Anti-Christian, anti-biblical sentiment is increasing across the West. As our culture grows more and more secular, the chasm between what is “Christian” and what is not is becoming more apparent. And those who choose to base their thinking on God’s Word are increasingly being discriminated against, called intolerant and hateful, or even punished for their beliefs.

Christians Not Welcome in the Air Force

The US Air Force has reportedly suspended a decorated colonel, who was due for a promotion to general, because he did not sign a thank-you note to the same-sex “spouse” of a retiring subordinate. It is optional, but not required, to send a certificate of appreciate to the military spouses to thank them for their sacrifice. Colonel Leland Bohannon is a Christian and couldn’t in good conscience endorse same-sex “marriage.” He requested a religious accommodation but never heard back, so he took it upon himself to find another colleague who signed the note for him. Yet the retiring solider still filed a civil rights complaint, and Bohannon was suspended from command.

Michael Berry, of First Liberty Institute says,

This sends a clear message—if you do not have the politically correct viewpoint, you are not welcome in the military. . . . The military is no longer a place of diversity and inclusion if you are a person who holds to a traditional belief on marriage.

Those with Christian beliefs are increasingly being discriminated against in the name of tolerance—secularists are tolerant of any worldview, unless it’s the Christian view, and then they are extremely intolerant!

Apple Drops Pro-Life App

The pro-life organization Human Coalition developed an app to encourage people to pray for women considering an abortion. But the tech giant Apple reportedly dropped the app from its App Store after prochoice activists and secular media complained about it being there (the app is still available on the Google Play Store). Apple apparently claimed it was because the app didn’t meet functionality requirements, but Human Coalition demonstrated that it met and exceeded all requirements. The cofounder and president of Human Coalition says,

There is a growing trend in the U.S. to attempt to deter or silence Americans who oppose the fatal discrimination against preborn children. . . . This move by Apple is not surprising, though it is a deep disappointment. Human Coalition remains committed to providing compassionate, loving care to women and their children even in the face of these challenges.

There is a growing intolerance by secularists and businesses for anything Christian or anything that is based on Christian (biblical) values. For example, earlier this year Twitter banned some pro-life ads, calling them “offensive,” while allowing the abortion (child-murdering) giant Planned Parenthood to continue advertising.

As our Western culture continues to drift farther from its once very Christianized worldview, we’ll only see this kind of discrimination and repression increase. But as Christians, we must continue to be salt and light in a dying world, pointing people toward Christ and the life-saving gospel.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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