New “Think Bigger” and “I Wonder” Ads Airing Soon

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Have you seen our Ark Encounter or Creation Museum ads on national TV? To spread the word about these two world-class attractions, we’ve been airing 30-second ads featuring professional actors and beautiful sets. The Ark Encounter’s “Think Bigger” series encourages people to visit the Ark and see just how massive it—and how life changing its message is. The Creation Museum’s “I Wonder” series encourages you to come find answers to your questions. And we’ve got several new video spots ready to air.

You can watch them here.

Kids get equipped with answers when they visit the Creation Museum and explore the world-class exhibits, including a fantastic insectarium.

I encourage grandparents to bring their grandkids to the Ark to learn about the truth of God’s Word while having a great time.

This TV commercial encourages kids to come to the Creation Museum—we want them to learn truth and not just be brainwashed by the atheist religion that monopolizes public schools, secular museums, and the media.

The Ark Encounter gives so many great answers so children can know the Bible is true.

Kids can learn lots of exciting facts and get real answers about astronomy through our planetarium shows and special astronomy workshops at the Creation Museum.

Yes, the Ark Encounter is an exciting place to bring children to learn about Noah’s Ark and the global Flood.

Keep your eye out for these unique video spots and share them with others to encourage them to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. We want everyone to come. As I like to say, we want seven billion people to visit! The message of the gospel and biblical authority are strongly presented at both attractions, and we want people to be challenged with these messages.

Plan your visit at Ark Encounter or Creation Museum.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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