“Reflections on Our Recent Visit”

by Ken Ham

For more than 10 years, a family in Idaho had been planning to visit the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, some 2,000 miles away, and they started to plan right after the family learned the museum opened in May 2007. This family, including a 7-year-old son, wrote to AiG in 2007 indicating that they wanted to visit. Fast-forward 10 years, and the father, mother, and now 17-year-old son and another son toured the museum and the Ark Encounter. As they wrote to us, they titled their email “Reflections on our recent visit.”

First, here is a comment from the mother, Doreen, followed by her 17-year-old son’s reflections.

Our 5,400-mile road trip adventure from Idaho hinged on the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as the central destination of a 10-year plan. We saved and hoped for a long time, and even had to purchase a new (used) car that would be worthy of the long trip. We stayed 3 nights in Kentucky with 2 ½ days to explore. We wished we could have stayed longer!

Never before had our family spent so much time in a museum: 8 hours in the Creation Museum with a second day being a 2-hour visit, and about 5 ½ hours at the Ark Encounter. It was an EXCELLENT value for the price, considering the fee for an average museum.

Staff were numerous, ever present, and exceedingly pleasant. The presentations we attended were inspiring, entertaining, and exciting. Both our sons commented separately on the sense of “family” in the atmosphere, which was really neat—a small picture of God’s desire for a unified body of Christ. The Spirit was clearly present, which I’m sure can be attributed to the mission driving the museum itself —a ministry of truth and extension of hope in Christ.

Moving through the Garden of Eden exhibit, I had become enamored by the idea of what life in Eden must’ve been like . . . tranquil, idyllic, beautiful . . . so that when we transitioned to the “after” part of the exhibit, I found myself horrified anew with the terror and suffering and filled with fear, loss, and an incredible desire to return to where I’d just come from. It was a powerful moment of facing our depraved state, awakening us all from the stupor of daily life.

I so appreciated the centrality of the Word, in that it does support good observational science.

I so appreciated the centrality of the Word, in that it does support good observational science. The direct, but noninflammatory, approach in the various exhibits regarding the interpretation of data, finds, and fossils were so responsibly handled in a nonmanipulative way. I wanted to yell aloud! To see faith celebrated and promoted so openly was refreshing in our culture of ever-growing religious intolerance. It strengthened our convictions.

Another memorable area of the museum was the exhibit on “Lucy.” Oh that everyone would have the opportunity to consider this presentation and the evidence – and then decide for themselves, away from the pressure of the media and secular institutions! I can’t imagine how anyone from an opposing viewpoint could examine these exhibits and not leave challenged to (re)consider their beliefs [emphasis added].

Of special note: It was extremely comforting to be able to dine with my severely dairy-allergic son in safety. While my older son and I enjoyed great quality food at reasonable prices from Noah’s Café, my allergic son enjoyed his packed “allergy-safe” lunch alongside us without incident. This is HUGE to a family dealing with serious allergies while far from home in an unfamiliar area. The only 2 meals our family purchased on our 19-day road trip were from the museum’s Noah’s Café and at the Ark’s Emzara’s Kitchen.

The massive size of the Ark was breathtaking. You couldn’t help but proceed through the exhibit in awe.

I was moved to tears several times while touring the Ark, at the lengths to which you have gone to reach visitors in an individual, personal way. I LOVED the concept of the “rescue” Jesus offers paralleled with the Ark as an example of rescue that was refused. Knowing that many missed that rescue and perished was heartbreaking, especially knowing that many today are again missing their need for rescue by Christ. It was very intense, and awakened our hearts anew for the lost.

After completing our 5,400-mile-round road trip in a Subaru Outback, and seeing 12 museums and 8 National/State Parks, all our family members STILL voted for the Creation Museum (and Ark Encounter) as the BEST of the trip.

We spread the news about your sites with folks along our whole route.

I’m sure I’ve said this a hundred times in my life . . . but may God richly bless you (AIG and staff), and bless you, and bless you over and over again for faithfully advancing the cause of Christ. You are modern-day heroes of the faith. We left your two sites with our faith strengthened and with a new passion for the lost [emphasis added].

Her son added:

Back in 2007, when the Creation Museum was first established, I sent a short letter of encouragement and prayer to Answers in Genesis. I was seven years old at the time, and had a passion for dinosaurs from an even earlier age. Afterwards, I received letters back from Mr. Mark Looy and another staff member, thanking me for the encouragement. It turned out that the head staff had been discussing some weighty matters at the time my letter arrived. I am still glad that God was able to use my scrawled note to lift others up.

Ten years later, our family planned a lengthy vacation across the United States with the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as our main destinations. It is incredibly encouraging to see the fervent presentation of the gospel message throughout both attractions. The exhibits were informative and enjoyable, and of course, I enjoyed seeing all the dinosaurs.

I earnestly pray for God’s blessing on the staff and both the Creation Museum and the Ark.

It was an honor to meet Mr. Looy after all these years. His friendly and welcoming manner reflected the letters he had sent—he even joked and called me his “friend of 10 years.” I earnestly pray for God’s blessing on the staff and both the Creation Museum and the Ark. God will continue to protect and encourage you all through these tough times as he did for Noah.

It was so encouraging for me to read that after several years, this family planned an adventurous trip with our two leading Christian attractions as the highlights of the entire vacation.

Indeed, people are traveling from all over America—and many from overseas—to visit these two world-class attractions. Plan your trip to our Bible-upholding and evangelistic attractions by going to ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org. At those websites, you can also learn about all about the presentations, workshops, and other special activities that will be occurring over the next few months, including the spectacular ChristmasTown at the museum and ChristmasTime at the Ark.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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