Not the Nye of the Nineties

by Ken Ham
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In the 1990s, Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” was a popular TV science educator who taught many kids to love science and to understand various aspects of observational science. But he’s certainly not that perceived kid-friendly personality anymore, and I now encourage you to keep your children far away from his material, particularly his new Netflix show and upcoming documentary.

Exactly the Right Message?

In Nye’s TV-14 rated Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, which has reportedly been renewed for a second season, he shows his true colors: not as a wholesome, kid-friendly guy, but as a secular activist promoting his own views of morality (actually sexual perversion) based on his atheistic religious beliefs.

One particular clip from his show, featuring Crazy Ex-Girlfriend TV star Rachel Bloom, was so raunchy and sexually explicit (not to mention completely unscientific) that even many in the secular world decried it and said it went too far. Bill responded to Bloom’s segment, “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel. Nice job.” It’s actually not the sort of video clip even adults should watch, which is why we won’t link to it in this post.

You can read a full review of Bill Nye Saves the World in this article.

Bill Nye, the Secular Activist Guy

On October 27, 2017, a new documentary, Bill Nye: Science Guy, is coming to theaters. While this documentary is not crude and explicit, like parts of Season 1 of his Netflix show, he uses it as a vehicle to promote his naturalistic worldview and attempts to impose it on viewers. He deceptively uses “science” as a vehicle to sneak in atheism, as many secularists do. Why? Because this is a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12). I encourage you to avoid this documentary. You can read a movie review of it in this guest article.

If you wish to purchase a DVD or digital copy of the debate, you can do so here.

And remember, Bill Nye is not the kid-friendly guy!

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