Atheist vs. Christian Ark Photography

by Ken Ham
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Atheist Ark Photography

Car lot Car lot Car lot Ark Ark Path Path

Atheist blogs, Facebook pages, and websites report: The Ark is a failure. No one is coming. The parking lot is empty.

Christian Ark Photography

Buses Cars People and Ark entrance People and Ark People and Ark ticket People and gift shop People and Ark

Answers in Genesis, local businesses, hotels, bus tour companies, and tourist bureau report: The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are booming and having a phenomenal impact.

Admission: Okay, I admit, AiG staff took all the above photos on the same day—today, Saturday September 30, at the Ark—and all photos were taken within a 2-hour window during the middle of the day. It’s all in where and when you point the camera! And it’s a reminder that atheist religious zealots do all they can to try to malign these Christian attractions, as they fight all they can against Someone they don’t believe even exists—yes, they’re actually fighting the God of Creation who they know in their heart does exist! They confirm God’s Word in Romans 1 by their illogical opposition.

I encourage you to read the truth about the economic impact in this newspaper article titled “Florence Hotel Boom Serves Creationist Tourism and CVG Flights.”

Yes, the Ark and Creation Museum are not only having a phenomenal economic impact, but a priceless eternal impact!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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