Join Creationist Christian Colleges at the Creation Museum for College Expo 2017

by Ken Ham on August 9, 2017
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Many of the nation’s leading creationist Christian colleges and universities are gathering at the Creation Museum here in Petersburg, Kentucky (near the Cincinnati Airport), for our annual College Expo. This exciting event, happening November 3 and 4, 2017, allows you and your high school student to visit one-on-one with representatives from a variety of Christian institutions across America—and all of these schools hold to biblical authority, taking a stand on a straightforward reading of Genesis (e.g., six days, a young earth, and so on)!

To accommodate man’s fallible ideas regarding the origin of life and the universe, many Christian schools have compromised on Genesis along with other teachings and parts of Scripture. Sadly, these schools can damage, rather than strengthen, the faith of their students. We encourage parents and students to carefully consider their postsecondary education and what school and philosophy they want to sit under for perhaps the next four or more years. I encourage you to think about sending your children to a school that shapes their thinking in a way that honors God and his Word.

College Expo is a great way for parents and students to learn about Christian colleges that take a bold stand on God’s Word and refuse to compromise. And—best of all—it’s totally free! However, we do ask that you register so we know how many people are coming and can plan for your arrival.

Included with your free registration is complimentary admission to the Creation Museum for each high school student and a 20% discount for accompanying parents and family. And both the student and their family receive a 20% discount to visit the Ark Encounter, located just 45 minutes south of the museum. You’ll also have an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship.

Learn more and register for this exciting, free event at You can discover more about colleges that have signed our statement of faith at

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