Explore Astronomy in a New Hands-On Workshop

by Ken Ham
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The Creation Museum always has something unique and exciting going on. Most days, especially during the busy summer months, we offer a hands-on workshop the whole family can enjoy. One day a month this summer, we’re offering a special workshop called Explore. Previous Explore workshops have looked at geology and dinosaurs, but this August 25, 2017, in our new workshop program, Explore participants will look at the remarkable things God has made in the heavens.


The Stargazer’s Planetarium features a Digistar 5 digital projection system—providing a full-color, high-resolution planetarium environment that is truly awe-inspiring.

Explore is divided into two age groups, junior (8–12) and senior (13–18). Your young person will experience a day of adventure and exploring God’s creation as they

  • view the sun through special solar filters (a $5.95 value)
  • participate in hands-on solar system activities
  • learn about nocturnal creatures with a special zoo encounter
  • attend a private teaching session with AiG’s astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner
  • enjoy a scavenger hunt for senior participants
  • look at the constellations with a special Astronomy Live session with Dr. Faulkner for juniors (a $9.95 value)
  • use our telescopes for a special stargazer’s event at our observatory (a $15.95 value).

Junior participants will attend our popular Aliens: Fact or Fiction show in our world-class planetarium (a $7.95 value), and seniors will attend that show as well as our premiere show Created Cosmos (an $11.95 value for both shows).

Explore is only $15 per participant (museum admission is not required to attend and is not included in this price)—this an excellent price for a day jam-packed with activities. Parents are encouraged to attend with their child since there’s something for everyone (parents must purchase a ticket to attend). This unique workshop is a great way to help you and your child learn more about the incredible objects in our sky from a biblical worldview.

You won’t want to miss this fun-filled day. Learn more and register on the Explore: Astronomy event page.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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