Genesis: Paradise Lost Coming to Theaters November 13

by Ken Ham
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Mark November 13, 2017, on your calendars—it’s a day you won’t want to miss. In just a few months, the powerful film Genesis: Paradise Lost, produced by our friends over at Creation Today, hits theaters, and you’ll want to be there.

Genesis: Paradise Lost (formerly known as Genesis 3D) is a visually stunning film that animates the first chapter of Genesis, as God creates the world from nothing. Narrated by my friend Voddie Baucham, Genesis comes to life before your eyes as plants spring forth from the earth, planets are formed, the earth responds to God’s command to bring forth the animals—including what we today call dinosaurs (there are lots of dinosaurs in this film!), and Adam and Eve explore the beautiful world God created.

This film provides a fantastic, laymen-level scriptural and scientific case for biblical creation.

Interspersed throughout the realistic, 3D animation of creation are fascinating segments with various scientists and experts. Featured in the film are AiG’s own Dr. David Menton, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Danny Faulkner, and me. My good friend Ray Comfort also collaborated, along with several other experts. This film provides a fantastic, laymen-level scriptural and scientific case for biblical creation.

Genesis: Paradise Lost also contains a very powerful gospel presentation. After sharing the bad news in Genesis, which serves as the foundation for the gospel, the film boldly gives the good news of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. I encourage you to take unbelieving friends and relatives to see this movie—it’s stunning and powerful.

Here is a trailer for this exciting film release.

But they need your help to get this film into as many theaters as possible. Eric Hovind, the president of Creation Today, and Ralph Strean, director and producer of the film, give the details in this video.

It’s not very often the authority and truth of God’s Word is upheld and the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerfully and accurately preached inside a movie theater! Genesis: Paradise Lost is a tremendous opportunity for your unbelieving or skeptical friends and family to hear a defense of the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to help make the theatrical release of this film a reality and to make plans to attend this film with as many people as possible.

Ticket information and theater locations will be available in the coming weeks. Get all the details, stay up to date, and donate at

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