New Parking Lot to Open at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on July 28, 2017
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Attendance at the Creation Museum has exploded since the opening of the Ark Encounter last year. Since coming out of the quieter winter season, we’ve seen attendance triple most days, and some days we’ve seen even bigger numbers than that! In fact, so many guests are visiting the museum in Northern Kentucky that we are building a new parking lot.

To accommodate the hundreds of extra guests each day, we’re expanding our parking lot to eventually accommodate an additional 750 guest vehicles—including the dozens of tour buses we’re seeing. However, due to large amounts of rain, parking lot construction has been delayed—which caused our dedicated staff extra challenges.

Because we have to use the parking lot while we are working on it, it has been a little like flying a jet while building it! But praise the Lord, we’ve been managing and are really looking forward to completing these new lots. Last week crews started laying blacktop, but weather issues (a severe storm) has further delayed us!

Here is a photo showing that we did get some of the blacktop down. Lord willing, the rest will get done soon.

Parking Lot Parking Lot Parking Lot Parking Lot Parking Lot

This new parking lot will officially open in August. To help offset the costs of designing, making, blacktopping, and maintaining this large parking lot and the others (costing over $3 million), we will install an automated parking system. Parking at the museum will be a nominal $5 for standard vehicles and $10 for oversized vehicles.

We’re excited about the need for so much more parking because it means that hundreds more people will hear about the truth of God’s Word and the gospel each day as they tour the Creation Museum. And the extra parking will greatly help to accommodate the many thousands who visit us in December for our popular Christmas Town program of lights, live nativity, and other events.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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