Join us for Día Latino at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on July 17, 2017
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For several years we’ve hosted Día Latino for Spanish speakers at the Creation Museum, and last year we added an extra day for the Ark Encounter. This popular event has allowed many Spanish-speaking people to hear the truth of God’s Word in their heart language. Well, Día Latino is back for 2017. Join us September 30 at the Ark Encounter and October 1 at Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

Starting Points Lucy Exhibit Ark Tracts

For Día Latino, we provide Spanish translators for presentations, workshops, videos, and exhibits. This increasingly popular outreach allows the many millions of Spanish-speaking people in North America (and beyond) to have access to the truths of God’s Word and the gospel in the clearest way possible—in their mother tongue.

If you have Spanish-speaking friends or relatives—or if you speak Spanish yourself—I encourage you to plan a trip to experience our two world-class attractions this fall en Español. You will also enjoy seeing thousands of other Spanish speakers who visit on these special days. Learn more on the events page of the Creation Museum’s website.

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