New Ark-Themed Resources Available

by Ken Ham
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We’re excited about some new Ark-themed resources now available at our online store. These resources are a great way to bring the excitement of our themed attraction, the Ark Encounter, into your home. There’s really something for everyone, including a graphic novel, historical fiction novel, behind-the-scenes book, and drama DVD.

I thought I would highlight some exciting new resources for you.

Searching for Truth: The Illustrated Gospel

This graphic novel is based on our spectacular Why the Bible Is True exhibit on the third deck of the Ark Encounter. It’s filled with glossy illustrations and text that will help you defend the truth of God’s Word. This resource’s modern style makes it especially great for young people, and it presents the gospel powerfully for today’s generations.

Noah Man of Resolve: The Remnant Trilogy Book 2

This novel by Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams is packed with action, adventure, and heartbreak. The authors imagine what the life of Noah may have been like as he tried to live a righteous life in the midst of a very evil world. If you don’t have book one yet, you can get both in a special discounted pack.

Journey Through the Ark Encounter

This is your official guidebook to the Ark Encounter. Learn about the structure—an engineering and architectural wonder—and the three decks full of world-class exhibits. This photo-filled book makes a great coffee-table book to start gospel conversations.

As in the Days of Noah

This powerful DVD features a gospel-centered drama about a cynical reporter who travels to Kentucky to interview the director of operations at the Ark Encounter. There she comes face-to-face with a gospel presentation by a holographic Ray Comfort, of Living Waters ministries. I encourage you to watch this DVD and its companion video The Noah Interview with your family. You will be entertained, challenged, and convicted.

Visit our online store to learn more.

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