Fighting the Culture War at Bob Jones University

by Ken Ham on March 1, 2017
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I fought the cultural war recently at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, by speaking at three conferences and providing thousands of resources to combat evolution and naturalism. The auditorium was full of high schoolers, college students, and families for each conference. It was a joy to meet many BJU students while I was there.

Bob Jones University Ken Ham Speaking at BJU Ken Ham Speaking at BJU Guests at BJU Talks

Bob Jones University is an ardently creationist university that stands unashamedly with Answers in Genesis. There was a tremendous demand for creation apologetics resources during the conference.

BJU Campus BJU Campus

It was an honor to be welcomed to South Carolina by Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant as I began speaking.

Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant Speaking at BJU Speaking at BJU

Among my many talks, I spoke about why we built an evangelistic Ark at the Ark Encounter. I also commented that politicians need to stop using the term races—there’s only one race of humans. Politicians fuel racism when they use terms like black and white people and races. There are no truly black people and no truly white people—all are shades of one basic color. You can learn more about the many topics I covered by watching the recordings of the live streams. We live streamed each session from my Facebook page and archived them on my YouTube channel. I encourage you to go to YouTube and watch these sessions.

Valentine’s Day at BJU

We had our Valentine’s Day photograph taken during the conference since the day fell while I was speaking. I told the audience that I gave my wife a Hershey’s kiss the night before in case I forgot to do anything on the actual day! So one of the officers on the BJU security team secretly gave me a box of chocolates, and told me I had to give it to my wife from me! When I pulled my computer out of my case, I saw the chocolates and remembered it was Valentine’s Day and gave the chocolates to my wife. She thought I was so sweet! Thanks to all those who watch out for me!

Ken and Mally Ham

Our youngest grandchild and his sisters also wished us a Happy Valentine’s Day! Just another excuse to show photos of some of our 16 grandkids!

Grandchildren Grandchid

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