College Expo is One-Stop Christian College Shop

by Ken Ham
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Every year, the Creation Museum is pleased to host a free College Expo where students and their families can meet representatives from many creationist, Bible-upholding colleges, universities, and seminaries, in one convenient location. Attendees will also hear from AiG scientists and have the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship.

With the increasing erosion of biblical authority even within most Christian colleges, it’s never been more important for your student to attend a college that stands firmly on the Word of God. We’ve been diligent to make sure that all of the institutions at the College Expo hold to a literal six-day creation and a young earth. (However, because we cannot guarantee that every professor at each college stands uncompromisingly on Genesis, it’s important for students and parents to be discerning to stand on God’s Word without compromise.)

Since the Creation Museum near Cincinnati is within a one-day drive from almost two-thirds of the US population, the College Expo is a great way to “shop” Christian colleges that otherwise may be a strain on your traveling budget to visit. College representatives come from as far away as Southern California, Florida, and Montana, to as close as about an hour away from the Creation Museum in Ohio and Kentucky.

In addition to meeting college representatives, students and their families will hear from AiG scientists on topics such as creation vs. evolution, Noah’s Ark, and college success. Drs. Danny Faulkner (astronomy), Tommy Mitchell (M.D.), and Georgia Purdom (genetics) will be speaking at this year’s event on November 4 and 5. On the event information page, see the scheduled talks and the list of colleges that will be represented. (Both days feature identical sessions.) And find out more about the biblical stance of these God-honoring Bible institutions on our Creation Colleges page.

While you’re at the College Expo, be sure to tour the museum and its beautiful botanical gardens in the splendor of fall color (admission included for prospective college students with reduced prices for their families). Also be sure to visit our full-size Noah’s Ark only forty minutes from the museum.

One student from last year had this to say about her experience at the College Expo:

All the representatives were well prepared. There was a ton of information available. It was really encouraging to know that many colleges wanted me to attend their institution. It was also extremely helpful having all of this information in one place with people that had all the information that you’d need. I got a lot of questions answered that day. And I came away with many brochures and even some fun freebies like a stress ball that I’ve used a lot this freshman year at college!

–M.S., Cincinnati, OH

If you can’t attend the expo, you can still browse our list of colleges at

Oh, and don’t forget about the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship when you register. Make plans to ensure your upcoming college student has all the information to get a head start on this life-defining decision!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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