New Novel Explores Noah’s Backstory

by Ken Ham
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Have you ever wondered what life was like for Noah before God called him to build the Ark (Genesis 6:13–14)? What was it like to live as a righteous man in a culture that thought of evil continually (verse 5)? Well, AiG’s Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams explore these and other questions in their new novel, Noah: Man of Destiny.

If you’ve had the chance to enjoy the “Who Was Noah?” exhibit at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky, you’re sure to enjoy this novel. For that exhibit, Tim Chaffey, the Ark’s content manager, was responsible for developing a plausible backstory for Noah, based on the limited amount of information provided in Scripture. He fleshed out those details using artistic license (making sure, of course, not to contradict scripture or history.) This exciting new novel expands that backstory, giving readers an engaging coming-of-age adventure full of fresh insights into one of the Bible’s best-known figures. It’s a great reminder that God prepares all of us, as no doubt he prepared Noah, for the calling He places on our lives.

The scenes depicted in the “Who Was Noah?” exhibit appear in this novel or will appear in its coming sequels. Some of the dioramas and artwork in the “Pre-Flood World” exhibit also come from the storyline for these novels. The same is true for many of the answers given by the Ark’s animatronic Noah and the details given about the various family members in the “Living Quarters” exhibit. In a sense, the book is the official backstory for Noah at the Ark Encounter.

The “Encounter This” section at the end of the novel will be a special treat for people who enjoyed the Ark Encounter or those who are planning to visit. Since the authors were part of the Ark’s design team, they were able to incorporate into the novel many of the props, animals, and other items found at the Ark Encounter. This section lets readers know what these items are and where they can find them in the Ark Encounter.

As an added feature, 40 pages of nonfiction at the end of the book explain historical concepts and discuss Genesis-related issues and concerns that arise in this fictionalized treatment of Noah’s life. These pages are like a mini-Answers Book related to the early chapters of Genesis.

Meet Noah, Man of Destiny

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Posted by Ark Encounter on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tim Chaffey stated that they wanted to use fiction to teach nonfiction. By helping people learn how to discern between biblical truth and the extra-biblical ideas that are often associated with Noah, they want readers to be challenged to take a closer look at Scripture instead of relying on traditional portrayals of the biblical accounts.

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